Skin Hydrolifting

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Skin Hydrolifting
New Concept of Skin Health Beauty Item
Can be used with Hyaluronic Acid for the purpose of
Skin Hydration & Lifting

  • It is Cell-Regeneration Material it helps to improve damaged skin of its Internal Physiological Condition, to maintain moisturized skin condition by restoring Skin Cell Structure
  • The ingredient of PN is the slice of Pure DNA, it normalizes the skin structure without immune reactions. Therefore, it does not cause any side effects, provides short-recovery, and enables quick returning to daily life

  • Excellent Skin Regeneration
  • Improve Skin Elasticity
  • Restore Skin Balance
  • Qualified Safety
  • Rapid On-set Time

  • Treatment Area: Whole Face, Wrinkles on Eyes, Lips, and Neck, Back of Hands, Parts of Collarbone, and so on.
  • Injection Interval: 2-3 weeks, (It expects to show the maximum effects with 4 times of Intensive treatment)
  • Suggested Dosage: 2cc to Whole Face per 1 treatment
  • After Intensive Treatment: Depending on ages, and skin condition, it helps to keep the best skin condition through 1 treatment every 6 months.

After Treatment;

  • 1)Be careful not to touch the treatment area with contaminated hands.
  • 2)Wash your face 3-4 hours after treatment, and suggested to put on make-ups 24 hours after.
  • 3)Suggested not to do Massage, Sauna, Violent Exercise, and Direct Sunlight Exposure

  • Store at Room Temperature, and Avoid Direct Sunlight Exposure