Art Line

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Art line is where the procedure that “promotes the lymph node circulation to discharge the waste, lipolysis, and gives skin reproduction support to create elastic V-line on the face.
1. To make V-line face, as well as S-line body.
2. Demand for small and pretty v-line face.
3. Demand for removing a double chin.
4. Demand for discharge the waste and improve the skin elasticity
ART-LINE Characteristic
The total instensive solution for V-line face and S-line body without any interferes on your daily life.
1. Less aches – Since the treatment area possess on a fat layer with less distribution of blood vessels and nerves, if the procedure takes relatively well, there is no pain.
2. Quick return to daily life – Treatment takes only about 5 minutes and no blood and bruising around the area. Immediately you can return to daily life.
ART-LINE main components